Saluministi | Our Story
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our story

“We are more than a panino bar; 

We are the flavours of our childhood


We are the product of generations past; 

We are old school at heart”

Although the Saluministi of today began when we won a place in the 2012 Salami Festival, the truth be told it was actually incepted in our childhood. Time spent amongst fresh produce, at the dinner table sharing moments with family, in the kitchen watching generations of men and women create deliciousness with their hands and their hearts.


Time spent immersed in our Italian culture as children rendered Saluministi a naturally occurring reality when we became adults. Dining at Saluministi will take you on a journey through our Italy. Our food is fresh and made to order. We minimize the fuss and we focus on seasonal produce and traditional flavour. It represents the food of our nonni and the spirit of our culture.

the boys



People often talk about a devotion to food, but I actually lived this devotion my entire childhood. My love of salami began from the moment I could chew. I am entirely literal when I tell you that my school lunch consisted of two things… bread and salami. No cheese, no lettuce, no nutella or vegemite, just thick hand cut slices of cured pork. 13 years of salami every single day fuelled my passion to make it, fatti in casa. I grew hungry for the flavor every winter when we selected our prize pig. Families combined, we would spend hours in the red bricked garage mincing and cutting and stuffing. The smell of salted meat and of a mans sweat for a product that is a reflection of his Italianness makes me smile so big.


I have spent my adult life in the food and beverage industry and as my palate has developed, so to has our recipe. The nostalgia of the ‘old school’ is in the spirit of our Saluministi. My destiny was always to share that memory with you.




I think my favourite memory as a child is walking into my nonna’s house with the sound of the cafetiera whistling its song and the smell of fresh coffee filling my senses like we were destined to be together. My cousins and I would gather at the table after we rustled through the pantry for the mornings fresh biscotti and we’d soak each and every one slowly in what seemed like a bucket of latte caffé’. At the time it simply seemed like a way of life. My life. Now I realize it was so much more. It was a ritual, a rite of passage and a means for our family to come together.


I grew up, and my love for these time honoured practices were rich in my life. Despite many years working in the world of corporate finance there was always a yearning to share the culture and the tradition with those around me. Saluministi was born from this passion and this determination to make the ‘old school’… new.